New York Nursing Facility Sued For Wrongful Death reports that a well-known nursing facility in Brooklyn, NY, has been named a defendant in several wrongful death suits. The suits allege that the nursing home, One Prospect Park West, has been operating without a license for nearly half a decade and in doing so has failed to provide proper care for its patients suffering from dementia. Mary Joan Barnett, a former resident of the facility, died shortly after being forced to move from One Prospect Park West to another nursing home better equipped to provide her with proper care. Georgia Lewis, Mrs. Barnett’s daughter, is alleging the wrongful death of her mother and seeking $40 million dollars from the nursing facility. Records indicate that One Prospect Park West applied for the proper license in 2009 but was denied because their application was incomplete. At the time the license application was rejected, NY State officials ordered all dementia patients from One Prospect Park West to be moved to accredited facilities able to provide the patients with proper care. However, that never happened. Similarly, the family of Judge John Phillips has also filed a wrongful death suit against the nursing facility. The suit (which is set to go to trial Nov. 1), was brought by Judge Philips’ nephew, Reverend Samuel Boykin, and alleges that Judge Philips, who was suffering from dementia, was denied proper care by One Prospect Park West, ultimately resulting in his untimely death in 2008. Both the owner of One Prospect Park West and its representatives have declined to comment on the pending cases.

Healthcare and nursing facilities are places that society depends on and trusts. Doctors and nurses alike must complete many years of schooling and become certified and recertified in their fields. Similarly nursing homes and hospitals must be accredited and licensed. These stringent requirements have been put in place in order to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. Because they exist to provide a peace of mind, places like One Prospect Park West must be held to the highest of standards. If you or any one you know has been hurt due to the negligence of a healthcare provider contact one of the experienced attorneys at the family run Pavich Law Group for a initial consultation.