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What to know about gender pay gaps

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2023 | Employee Discrimination

Gender discrimination in the workplace is a serious issue in Indiana and Illinois, especially with regard to equal pay. Many women find that they make much less than men for doing the same jobs. Disney Corporation is now at the center of a class action lawsuit brought by a group of its female employees.

These women claim they’re victims of gender pay gaps. Despite there being federal laws about equal pay, gender pay bias continues to occur. Unfortunately, many women don’t realize that they’re the victim of gender pay discrimination. When pay discrimination does happen, there are steps to take.

There is a gender pay gap

Employment discrimination has become a big concern in the United States, especially with regard to gender pay gaps. Women currently make about 17% less than men in the United States.

At Disney, one woman received pay that was $16,000 less than her male counterpart to perform the same job. That’s one of the problems the women at Disney faced. The class action suit seeks to level the playing field.

There’s power in numbers

When women experience gender pay gaps, they often feel that they have no recourse. Many women also feel that they are the only ones affected by the discrepancy. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case.

Gender pay gaps often affects all women within an organization. In fact, women with the same education, training and years on the job often make considerably less than their male counterparts. Women can empower themselves by discussing their pay with other women in the organization.

Although gender pay gaps are a problem in the workforce, there are steps that can reduce the occurrence of employment discrimination.