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Could this cut down on distracted driving accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2024 | Auto Accidents

Distracted driving continues to be a problem on Illinois roads, as many motorists engage in activities that divert their attention from the road. Actions such as drinking coffee or texting behind the wheel could cause lapses in concentration that may lead to an accident. Not all distracted drivers engage in such behavior, but something on their road could unexpectedly divert their eyes. Humorous road signs may cause such issues.

Dangerous road signs

The Federal Highway Administration suggests it is unwise for local authorities to use electronic signs and messages on highways that are not direct and to the point. Electronic messages that warn of traffic slowdowns ahead convey critical information that could improve safety. However, humorous messages that attempt to evoke a light-hearted reaction might contribute to accidents.

Humorous signs might result in a driver concentrating on the wording for a longer duration than what might be the case when reading a sign stating to buckle seatbelts. Keep in mind that even a momentary lapse of attention is all it takes to end up in a crash. Some drivers may become so enamored with a funny message they turn to a passenger to comment about it, creating another distracting scenario.

Distractions and liabilities

Drivers who engage in unsafe practices could be liable for injuries they cause in auto accidents. Sometimes, collisions result in fatalities, which might result in a wrongful death lawsuit. Although the driver may not have intended to become distracted, becoming more focused on a funny electronic message than paying attention to the road could reflect negligent behavior.

Accident victims may seek compensation for their injuries through an insurance settlement or civil lawsuit. Compensation might include claims for lost wages, medical expenses and property damage.