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Winter night driving dangers

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Winter driving comes with dangers, and the risks may increase during evening hours. Indiana and Illinois roads can become treacherous when winter hazards combine with the reduced visibility typical of low-light situations. Drivers taking to streets and highways during winter evenings should use caution to avoid accidents.

Winter driving at night

When the snow falls, the roads might become treacherous. However, even light rain may present problems since rain might turn to ice when the temperature drops. Seeing ice patches on the road could become challenging when the streets are dark, so driving at speeds safe for road conditions and remaining alert seems advisable. Speeding or engaging in distracting behaviors might take a dangerous situation and worsen it. If the driver loses control on the road at an unsafe speed, a car could hit a tree, another vehicle or a pedestrian.

There’s another issue with snowy roads to consider: headlights shine a light that might create a glare when the reflection off the snow bounces back. A driver could become blinded by the light and crash the vehicle.

Avoiding collisions

Preparatory steps might help drivers reduce the risks of car accidents during the winter. Purchasing and installing snow tires may result in better traction, which could prevent a loss of control. However, winter tires cannot likely overcome unsafe driving.

Inexperienced and those not used to winter conditions might opt to avoid traveling when night falls, and harsh winter weather arrives. Staying off the road could be a better option than risking a crash.

Drivers who operate their vehicles recklessly might face a civil claim if they harm someone or destroy property. Such an outcome might occur under any conditions when drivers are unsafe.