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Personal Injury Lawyers Providing Sophisticated Representation And Exceptional Results

If you have suffered an injury as a result of another’s actions, the personal injury practice team at Pavich Law Group, P.C., is fully prepared to fight on your behalf to achieve exceptional results for you and your family. Whether you have been involved in a multivehicle trucking accident, been the victim of a sexual assault or lost a loved one due to medical negligence, our team of attorneys will provide dedicated representation designed specifically for you.

At Pavich Law Group, P.C., we believe that preparation for trial begins at the very first meeting with a prospective client. We understand that no two cases are the same. A “car accident case” is not just a “car accident case,” and a “slip-and-fall” is not just a “slip-and-fall.” At the heart of each case is an individual client who has suffered a unique and personal loss. In order to effectively speak for a client, we fully explore their unique circumstances and bring the proper tools to bear on their behalf.

Frequently Asked Personal Injury Law Questions

We know that many people are unfamiliar with the process of filing a personal lawsuit. Here are answers to a few common questions.

What if I can’t afford an attorney?

In personal injury claims, including medical malpractice and other injury claims, you should not have to worry about how you can afford legal help to obtain compensation. At Pavich Law Group, P.C., we handle injury claims on a contingency fee basis. This means that our fees come out of a percentage of whatever settlement or trial amount we obtain. So not only do you avoid any upfront fees, you will not have to pay anything until we settle or win your case. If we do not settle or win your case, you will not have to pay us anything.

Can I obtain compensation if I was sexually assaulted?

Yes, you can. In some cases, you can bring a lawsuit against the person who committed the assault against you. If the assault happened in a public place, like a nightclub, we can bring a premises liability claim against the venue owner for inadequate security that could have prevented such a terrible occurrence.

If a loved one died, can I bring a legal claim?

Yes. It is called a wrongful death lawsuit. We can help you obtain damage awards for medical expenses before death, loss of income, loss of companionship and other loses after someone you love has been killed due to someone else’s negligence.

Why Pavich Law Group, P.C.?

Pavich Law Group, P.C., approaches every case with this philosophy. We prepare, at the highest level, for trial, but we also understand that each case and client is different and has different needs. No matter if your case is for a car accident, wrongful death, medical malpractice or a premises liability, we are here to help. For some, the best possible result comes outside the courtroom. For others, true justice cannot be obtained short of trial. We are fully prepared to fight for our clients in all environments.

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Pavich Law Group, P.C.: Committed To Your Case

By obtaining legal services from a boutique business, you can rest assured that your case will be handled efficiently and effectively. We are a small, local firm with the capability to provide one-on-one support to each client we represent.

We thoroughly evaluate each new case because no two cases are alike. By selecting our cases carefully, we ensure that our clients benefit from our full attention and efforts.

Pavich Law Group, P.C., is committed to your well-being and your full recovery. We provide quality personal injury representation to residents of Illinois and Indiana. Call us at 844-880-1686 or email us today.