Increase In Bounce House Injuries

ABC News recently reported that a new study conducted by the journal Pediatrics has found that the number of children treated for bounce-house related injuries doubled from 2008. Even more alarming, the report noted that the 11,300 children treated for such injuries in 2010 was 16 times the number of those treated for similar injuries in 1995. This averages out to approximately one injured child every 46 minutes across the United States.

The majority of bounce-house related injuries were fractures, sprains, strains and other similar injuries. The most common causes of these injuries were falls and collisions between jumpers. The drastic increase in these injuries may be partially explained by new designs of the houses, as well as the booming popularity of the bounce-houses.

While the rise in bounce-house related injuries is cause for alarm, it is important to remember that with the proper supervision and adherence to the bounce-house instructions, the probability of injuries may be reduced. Perhaps most important is to ensure that there is always adult supervision when children are at play in the bounce houses. It is also vitally important to pay careful attention to the weather, as bounce-houses should never be used during storms or in high winds.

Bounce-houses have become a popular source of entertainment for children. While there may be certain inherent dangers associated with these recreational systems, such dangers can be minimized by exercising common sense and caution. If ou were injured because of a defective bounce-house, contact Pavich Law Group, P.C. to discuss your legal options.