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The different types of car crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2023 | Auto Accidents

The numerous differences among car crashes might not be something people understand. However, someone could gain insights by learning what separates various automobile crashes in Illinois from one another. A better understanding of such incidents might help avoid a collision or get a vehicle under control upon impact. Unfortunately, some accidents are unavoidable, and victims suffer injuries.

Different car crashes

Vehicles could experience a single-car crash, or multiple vehicles might be involved. Various factors contribute to how much harm anyone suffers in such a situation. A car could crash into a telephone pole, resulting in a fatality, or there might be multiple pileups that lead to several injured victims. Certain crashes may be worse than others, which is why it is helpful to understand the different ways collisions occur.

The most common vehicle collisions would be frontal, rear, side, sideswipe, and rotational. The first three descriptions are self-explanatory, but rotational and sideswipe may require clarification. Sideswipe is the equivalent of scraping the side of a vehicle, and this typically happens when changing lanes or when a driver veers too close to another car, be it parked or in motion. Rotational involves hitting a vehicle’s corner, causing it to spin, which can result in an uncontrollable movement that can cause a crash.

Harm inflicted

The risk of severe harm exists with virtually any car crash. Auto accidents could result in a rollover, with the vehicle turned upside down. Such a situation might result in catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Regardless of the specifics of a particular impact, questions will arise about what caused the crash. When negligence is a factor in the collision, expect the responsible party to face a lawsuit.