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Why do construction accidents keep happening?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Construction Accidents

Construction industry accidents frequently occur in Illinois and Indiana as these states have many building projects in their metropolitan areas. Many professions in the construction industry are among the most dangerous, yet standards have not been updated recently. Where are injuries most likely to happen?

Common causes of construction injuries

Although many different types of mishaps can occur at a job site, serious construction accidents have four leading causes: electrocution, struck-by injuries, caught-between injuries and falls. Job sites often require lethal amounts of electricity. Electrocutions can happen when worker miscommunication occurs or when objects come into contact with power lines. Heavy objects that fall, quickly moving projectiles or nail guns can stroke workers and injure them. The faster the object moves, the worse the injury can be. Getting caught between moving machinery parts leads to severe injury and can sometimes be deadly. Avoiding falls on a job site is crucial, especially if employees work at great heights.

Preventing construction injuries

Sufficient employee education focusing on safety and injury prevention should be a part of every construction company. In addition, providing employees with proper safety equipment and advising them on what clothing types not to wear to work can reduce accidents.

What happens to workers injured on the job?

The severity of personal injuries incurred at construction sites frequently leads to extensive medical treatment and long rehabilitation times. In some cases, workers may even become permanently disabled or even die from their injuries.

Many construction-related injuries result from the negligence of one or more companies working at a construction site. Workers injured due to negligence can file a claim in court requesting compensation for their injuries that can help pay for medical bills, living expenses, pain and suffering and more.