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Sexual assault is a crime. The individuals who commit these heinous acts can be prosecuted and subject to harsh criminal penalties. Unfortunately, sexual crimes can be difficult to prove in criminal court, and those who have suffered do not always come forward. Outside of the criminal justice system, however, survivors may have another option to pursue justice.

Even if the perpetrator of your crime was not found guilty in criminal court, you may be able to pursue a civil lawsuit. Similarly, you may be able to recover monetary damages without dealing with strenuous and harsh police investigations. When large institutions foster sexual predators
and fail to protect others, a civil action may even be the only way you can prevent sexual misconduct in the future.

At Pavich Law Group, P.C., our award-winning Chicago sexual assault attorneys not only have more than seven decades of combined experience, but we have also recovered more than $75 million in victim relief.

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Who Can Be Held Accountable For Negligence In A Sexual Assault Case?

Those affected by sexual abuse too often believe that they must rely on the criminal justice system for the resolution of their pain and suffering. Unfortunately, sexual offenders are rarely held accountable under criminal statutes, and even when they are, survivors do not always receive restitution. Further, criminal statutes can seldom hold larger institutions accountable for their part in the assault.

With a civil action, the following parties can be held accountable:

  • The individual offender(s) who committed the assault.
  • A school district that kept a known offender around children.
  • A religious institution that tried to conceal the illegal sexual activity.
  • An employer who allowed sexual abuse to occur in the workplace.
  • A property owner that did not provide adequate security.
  • Any organization or party that was aware of the possibility of sexual assault and did nothing to prevent it.

These are just a few of the many civil actions that can follow a sexual assault.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of assault or abuse, then the time to speak with proven legal representation is now.

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Pavich Law Group, P.C., can help you account for the pain, suffering and other losses you endured as a result of your trauma. A successful claim can also give you access to the best trauma therapists available and help you reclaim your life after an assault.

Our team is ready to listen to what happened. We believe you, and we want to make sure your voice is heard.

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