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Chronic pain management after a work injury

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Personal Injury

Workplace injuries can occur in almost all industries throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. They can harm your health and lead to various problems, including chronic pain. Proper management is necessary to get relief. Here are a few ways to cope with chronic pain.

Defining chronic pain

If your pain has persisted for over three months despite treatment and medication, it is likely considered chronic. It can be mentally and physically taxing, impacting almost all aspects of life. You may deal with depression, sleeping issues or medication overuse because of it.

Chronic pain from work injuries

You may have been injured because of falling, tripping, improperly lifting something or hitting equipment or machinery. The result may be damage to your shoulders, back, neck, wrists, ankles, feet, tendons and muscles.

Managing the pain

After a workplace personal injury, you must find the best method to get relief from your chronic pain. This can be complex and challenging. However, there are various options that can relieve some of your symptoms.

Hot and cold therapy can effectively treat chronic muscle pain. You can perform this safe option at home. The heat can relieve pain by dilating blood vessels and relaxing the muscles. The cold reduces inflammation and blood flow, relieving your pain.

Learning to manage your stress can help reduce pain after a personal injury and improve your mental well-being. Managing stress can involve exercising, listening to uplifting and calming music, using breathing and meditation techniques, eating healthy and resting and sleeping well.

Massage has helped many chronic pain sufferers. It can reduce muscle tension. Additionally, it improves relaxation, reduces stiffness and increases flexibility and blood circulation.

Dealing with chronic pain after a personal injury at work can be challenging. However, pain management is possible with the right therapies and lifestyle changes.