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Defective Product Claims in Dyer & California

A product will be found defective if there is a defect in its manufacturing, design, or there is a failure to warn the consumer of an inherently dangerous aspect of the product.

In recent years, defective products have seriously injured unsuspecting consumers, including:

  • Toys
  • Power tools
  • Automobiles
  • Appliances
  • Cell phones
  • Cars

Major companies and household names have all been involved in mass tort claims against their products and chances are you may have used a product that was deemed "unsafe" at some point. When you think about how many products the average American comes into contact with every day, it is not surprising that some of these products can be considered dangerous or defective.

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed because of faulty products. While many injuries are relatively mild, others are quite serious. The manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers involved in the distribution of these products can all be held responsible if their product is found to have contributed to a person's injury.

Injured By a Defective Product in Illinois?

Potentially dangerous products are found all over the work place, home and even in the food we it. It may seem obvious that you should be aware of the potential hazards associated with work equipment, but it is also crucial to be vigilant at home where special attention should be paid to common and everyday items. Often times, multiple defective products, such as pharmaceuticals and food products, may come off the same assembly line. Therefore, a manufacturer that recalls one product may eventually recall numerous other products manufactured in the same area or facility.

Consumers who are injured by defective products may be able to recover financial compensation from the manufacturer or distributor through a product liability claim. If you or a loved one has been injured because of a product, it is important that you contact a Chicago product liability attorney from the Pavich Law Group, P.C. today.

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