Burn Injuries

Burns and scalds can occur for a number of reasons. Injuries can be sustained from heat or light exposure, radiation, friction, chemical burns and electricity.

Burn Injuries

Help for Chicago Burn Injury Victims

Burn victims can suffer major complications such as tissue and skin damage, emotional trauma and physical complications. Not to mention the money that victims and their families may be spending to pay for treatments and doctor's visits.

Types of Burns

Different types of burns as classified by degrees. Each degree of burn depends on the depth that the burn itself penetrates.

  • First degree burns, such as sunburns, involve usually only the top layer of skin and can last for up to one week. Skin cancer may develop later in life as a result of first degree burns.
  • Second degree burns usually involve the first few layers of skin as well and can last for up to three weeks, usually resulting in painful blisters.
  • Third degree burns can be superficial or extend through all layers of skin, resulting in painful scarring, contractures and sometimes amputation.
  • Victims of fourth degree burns usually require amputation to remove the charred skin, tissue and/or organs involved and may increase the risk of infection and possibly death.

Causes of Burn Injuries

Burns are typically caused in three main types of accidents:

Thermal Burns: These are the most common types of burns that result from the skin contacting a heat source, such as fire, hot liquids, hot objects, hot metals, and steam. The severity of the burn depends upon the type of heat source and the part of the body exposed to it.

Chemical Burns: The skin can be painfully damaged when it comes into contact with caustic chemicals, alkaloids, and certain acids. The chemical should be cleaned from the skin as soon possible to help prevent further injury, and the damage caused by chemical burns is not always immediately apparent. Many victims sustain these burns while working in such industries as the fields of medicine, automotive, construction, and agriculture because of such items as:

  • Industrial and household cleaners like deodorizers, paint cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, bleaches, and disinfectants
  • Cosmetic products such as nail polish removers, bleach, and hair dyes
  • Industrial supplies like tar, gasoline, wet pavement

Electrical Burns: These injuries are caused by an electric current passes through all or part of the body, which can lead to both internal and external damage. Most of the damage usually occurs below the skin, but the severity of the injury varies based on the type of current and the intensity, area of the body the current passed through, the length of exposure, and the moisture on the victim's body. The burns are very painful and can also have other effects on a victim, depending on the voltage of the current that based through their body.

  • Less than 500 volts: Low voltage currents often do not cause severe burns to the skin but can affect the body in other ways, sometimes causing muscle spasms, cardiac issues, and oral burns, such as in cases of children biting electrical cords.
  • More than 1000 volts: High voltage currents can severely impact the body, leading to such injuries as serious skin and tissue burns, heart rhythm disturbances, seizures, neurological damage, and fractures or blunt force trauma injuries from the force of the jolt or if it caused the victim to fall.

Depending on the degree of burn, victims may find themselves suffering from amputation of affected body parts, painful scarring and scabs and even complications with organs and respiratory issues. Surgery is often needed for victims who require skin grafting and physical therapy may be suggested by a doctor.

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