International Legal Services

Chicago International Law Firm

In addition to representing clients in complex injury cases, Pavich Law Group provides a range of services in the area of international law. With more disputes crossing national borders, it is critical to understand the various areas and sub-areas of international law, and the possible implications these areas may have on your case. Pavich Law Group's attorneys stand ready to assist in this regard.

Pavich Law Group's attorneys have decades of combined experience practicing in the complex areas of international law. Our attorneys and consultants have practiced both public and private international law in various international tribunals, foreign courts and U.S. courts. This experience provides much value to clients attempting to navigate this complicated and often changing area of the law.

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Public International Law

The area of public international law includes international criminal law, treaty law, international human rights law, legal questions under the United Nations Charter and the European Convention on Human Rights, the law governing relations between sovereign states and other similar areas. Pavich Law Group's attorneys are able to guide both private clients and governmental clients through these areas of the law, and are uniquely qualified to devise personalized solutions to the public international law issues faced by our clients.

Private International Law

Private international law consists of legal issues arising between private parties, often in the context of business disputes, disputes arising under foreign investment agreements and project development agreements. Pavich Law Group's attorneys provide legal services in these areas to private entities and organizations doing business in foreign countries, as well as to foreign companies and entities interested in establishing a base within the United States. These areas are often complex and fraught with potential for miscalculation, making effective legal guidance through these areas essential.

International Law in U.S. Courts

Often, international legal disputes are litigated and/or negotiated in United States courts and forums. Many of the international legal doctrines utilized in U.S. courts and forums are complex, with the doctrines constantly changing and evolving. Pavich Law Group's attorneys leverage their broad experience in international law in guiding and advising our private and governmental clients in the following U.S. and international legal acts and doctrines:

  • Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act

  • Alien Tort Statute
  • Act of State Doctrine
  • Political Question Doctrine
  • Hague Service Convention
  • Hague Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad
  • Jurisdictional issues involving non-resident parties

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

PLG offers guidance and advice on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to our private clients operating abroad, and to our governmental clients seeking to identify and eliminate possible sources of corruption within their borders. Within the last few years, the United States Department of Justice has significantly increased the number prosecutions it has brought under the Act against suspected corporate violators. As a result, companies and their employees, agents and partners operating abroad need to be fully aware of the requirements and parameters of the FCPA in order to ensure full compliance. PLG attorneys provide our private clients with expert guidance and advice on this Act, and are also capable of providing compliance investigations when there is a suspected violation. Additional, PLG will design and implement full in-house FCPA compliance programs in order to dramatically reduce the risk of any corporate employees, agents or partners committing a violation of the Act.

International Business Disputes

PLG attorneys have unique experience representing clients in international business disputes, both in courts of law and in alternative dispute resolution forums. PLG has represented clients in business disputes against both private and public entities, including leading civil prosecutions against foreign governments. Disputes in this area are highly complicated and require a legal team knowledgeable and experienced in navigating through the relevant international legal minefields. PLG attorneys are capable of providing this guidance and are able to develop forward thinking strategies for clients facing negotiation and/or litigation.

International Criminal Law

PLG attorneys and associates have represented clients in international criminal tribunals, including former heads of state charged with numerous serious violations of international law, humanitarian law and the customs of war. As such, our attorneys are capable of providing representation to clients, both private and public, in front of the various international criminal tribunals in existence today.