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University Park Personal Injury Lawyer

Cases of Serious Injury in the University Park Area

When a serious injury is the result of a negligent act, whether it was another driver, property owner or manager, corporate entity, employer or other, the injured has the legal right to pursue compensatory damages. These damages include economic damages, which are the medical costs, nursing costs, rehabilitation, lost wages, and predicted future financial losses as the result of the injury and any other financial costs that are a direct result of the injury. There are also non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, loss of quality of life or others.

In some rare cases, the law allows for punitive damages – a financial award that punishes the negligent party(ies). Every injury case deserves to be paid fairly, but in many cases, the insurance company could dispute a valid claim, or offer far less than is fair. It is extremely important that the rights of the injured are protected by a skilled University Park personal injury lawyer. At Pavich Law Group P.C., we have over 97 years of dedicated service to people who live in the area needing legal representation in serious injury cases.

Information About University Park

University Park is a village in Will County, Illinois. A very small parcel is in Cook County. University Park is located approximately 38 miles south of the Chicago Loop. With a growing population, the numbers of injury cases in the area are increasing, largely due to the heavy traffic in and out of the area, on West University Parkway, S. Steger Monee Road, S. Western Ave., or County Highway 21, W. Crete-Monee Road, or on the busy city streets. This village, one of the region's few planned communities, was known as Wood Hill, Park Forest South, and finally University Park. University Park has been the home of Governors State University since 1969.

In any vehicle accident, such as car accidents, commercial trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents or public transportation injury accidents, such as bus accidents and train accidents, you need to be protected from any action that could be initiated to reduce your settlement or judgment in court. These cases can be fairly simple or extremely complex, based upon the situation, the evidence, and what took place. At our firm, we carefully manage the number of cases we take on, limiting them, so that we can give our clients the attention that is necessary. We have prevailed in many difficult cases in court, including those personal injury cases involving medical malpractice, construction accidents, medical negligence, nursing home abuse, a wide range of premises liability claims and complex product liability cases. We take our duty to our clients on as a mission, and you can be confident in our abilities, our case results in the past, and can find out more about us with a free case evaluation.

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