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Settlement Offers for Personal Injury Claims

If you have recently been injured through the negligence of another person, you may have already been contacted by an insurance company in order to "settle" your claim. When car, trucking, bus, train and motorcycle accidents occur or medical malpractice, premises liability incidents, construction accidents and nursing home abuse take place, it is common for an insurance company to quickly offer a settlement. Frequently, this is purposefully done before you have had the chance to retain an experienced Tinley Park personal injury lawyer to assist you.

Many times, these initial offers are made knowing that you may not be aware of the full compensation you can be awarded.

In a large percentage of cases, the first settlement offer from an insurance company is well below the damages that can be sought in your personal injury case. Additionally, insurers know that their chance of getting you to settle for a diminished amount is greatly enhanced if a proven lawyer is not involved.

Maximum Compensation from Insurance Companies

Residents of Tinley Park know that it is widely considered to be one of the most desirable communities in the Chicago south suburban area. In 2009 it was named by Business Week as the best place in America to raise a family. When those that live here pay their premiums, they expect insurance companies to fulfill their part of the bargain and resolve their claims in a fair manner. Regrettably, this is quite frequently not the case.

If an individual does accept a first settlement offer, they can also sign away their rights to pursue maximum damages and to receive the compensation they truly need. On the other hand, by retaining a lawyer with a record of success, you can safeguard your ability to be fairly compensated for your pain and suffering plus the full repercussions of your injuries.

We are a family-run firm that is proud to have recovered over 75 million dollars in settlements and verdicts for our clients. In all cases our goal is to secure the most favorable result possible. Rarely, if ever do we find it to your advantage to accept initial offers from an insurer.

Contact a Tinley Park personal injury attorney to learn how settlement offers from an insurance company may be maximized in your case.