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The village of Steger, located approximately 35 miles south of Chicago's Loop, lies along the dividing line on the south end of Cook County and north end of Will County in Illinois. The population is over 10,000, and continues to grow, with an increasing number of accidents taking place on Sauk Trail, Western Ave., 26th Street, and other streets in the area. These accidents range from a minor fender-bender to the most serious and or fatal. When another driver has failed to exercise reasonable care for the safety of others, either by drunk driving, speeding, distracted or reckless driving or other negligent driving conduct, that party must be held accountable for their actions.

This is when Pavich Law Group P.C. can get involved and file a claim or lawsuit to recover compensation for all damages. In civil court, cases of negligence that resulted in injuries or death are measured in financial terms. Every form of damages will be sought by our firm, including the costs of medical care and treatment, transportation, lost wages, medications, medical equipment, rehabilitation and predicted future costs. In serious injury cases, the costs of treatment can be hundreds of thousands in the first year alone, and will continue for years into the future, or possibly for the lifetime of the person injured.

Other damages that must be pursued are those related to pain and suffering. These are termed "non-economic damages" and reflect the personal toll on an individual from the negligent actions of another. Lives can be changed in an instant, whether in car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, or train accidents. Any vehicle accident that results in a serious injury should be managed by a highly professional Steger personal injury attorney. At Pavich Law Group P.C., our Steger injury attorneys have over 97 years of successfully representing those who have been seriously injured or families who have lost a loved one through a negligent act.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Steger

Our firm is recognized as a group of highly professional litigators who bring cases to trial when necessary. This is an important fact for you, as a person suffering from injuries, or for families who are suffering after a loved one has a serious permanent injury or has died due to an act of negligence. Many personal injury law firms prefer to seek a settlement and may not spend a great deal of time at trial. There is no substitute for real world trial experience, and our firm has achieved many notable victories in difficult personal injury cases over our years in practice, including multi-million dollar verdicts. We offer our legal knowledge and dedication in serious cases of personal injury, specifically medical malpractice, construction accidents, cases of medical negligence, injuries or neglect in cases of nursing home abuse, claims involving premises liability and product liability.

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