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Accidents, Injuries and Compensation for Damages in St. John

St. John, Indiana, is a village located in Lake County, Indiana, and approximately 24 miles southeast of the Chicago Loop. According to the 2010 census, there were 14,850 residents of St. John. St. John is a quiet, peaceful community, located close enough to Chicago for commuters, yet far enough from the city to provide a tranquil escape from hectic urban life. In part because of its convenient location, access to excellent schools and its fine availability of services and retail, CNN named St. John 48 out of 100 best small towns in the United States.

St. John has the same problems as other communities with increasing numbers of accidents and injuries, whether the result of a drunk driver, a failure to properly maintain premises, and other types of negligent conduct.

Serious Injury Cases in St. John

When a case involves a serious injury, such as head and brain injuries or spinal cord injuries, the impact upon the victim's life is permanent. We take on these cases with a full commitment to pursuing the maximum possible in compensation, and our compassionate group of lawyers understands the emotional upheaval and concern that is the natural result of a devastating accident. If a loved one has lost their lives, we can help the close family seek justice through filing a wrongful death claim. Our firm also serves in cases of violations of international law.

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A History of Success in Personal Injury Claims

With over 97 years of shared experience, the legal team at the firm has garnered a reputation throughout the area for achieving exceptional results in injury cases. The St. John personal injury lawyers at the firm represent clients in cases of birthing injuries, burn injuries, all types of vehicle accidents including bus accidents, car accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents and others. Whether the case involves a product liability issue such as seat belt defects or other vehicle system failure, we can help file a claim against the negligent party(ies). We also serve as counsel for the injured seeking compensation in construction accidents, injury claims involving medical malpractice, medical negligence and defective drugs.