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Accidents and Injuries in the Peotone Area

Peotone is a village in Will County, Illinois. The city is about 43 miles (69 km) south of Chicago. Peotone is known as a small community proud of its history with friendly people, good schools, and home to one of the last remaining mills in the country, originally built in 1872.

Due to the large number of vehicles moving in and out of the area, residents are at risk of suffering a serious injury, whether in a car accident, motorcycle accident, commercial trucking accident, or in a public transportation accident such as bus accident or train accident. There are a number of areas in which accidents take place, including Highway 57, on Wilmington/Peotone Road, and U.S. 52, as well as on city streets or in the outlying communities.

Recovering Damages in Personal Cases in Peotone

If you or a loved one has been the victim in an accident caused by a negligent driver, whether the individual was DUI, speeding, recklessly driving, running a light or other dangerous driving conduct, the consequences for the injured are often devastating. An injury can take many months or longer in medical treatment, a long rehabilitation, and in the most serious of cases, the individual will face a lifetime of challenges due to a permanent injury. At our firm, we take on cases on a limited basis, so that each client is given the full attention of our legal team. We know how important it is to recover fair and full compensation for damages, and we insist that our clients are treated fairly when pursuing damages. As litigators, we are ready and willing to take a case to court when necessary.

Whether your injury case involves a vehicle accident, is a medical malpractice case, involves defective drugs, or is a product liability claim, we know exactly what to do to represent you and to protect your rights and interests. With over 30 years in practice, our accomplished team of litigators has achieved many notable victories, and we are known for our careful case preparation, legal knowledge and skills in court. We represent victims of nursing home abuse, the injured in construction accidents, and a wide range of other injury claims. We offer a free case evaluation to help you find out more about what could be done to resolve your case, the length of time that could be expected to reach a resolution, and the amount that should be sought in your injury case.

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