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Personal Injury Attorney in Oak Lawn

Compensation for Product and Premises Liability Victims

As a suburb of Chicago, Oak Lawn is described as a community with a distinctive "home town" atmosphere. It has superb healthcare facilities and providers, plus quality public and private schools in addition to churches of all denominations. With a solid infrastructure as well as a commitment to economic development, businesses continue to succeed in Oak Lawn. Each day, over 500 commuters ride THE METRA Commuter Train to Chicago. Equally important is the fact that over 100,000 cars pass through the community on a daily basis. In today's world, part of any prosperous community is the use of respected legal services when they are needed.

We have over 97 years of combined experience in helping individuals injured by medical malpractice or negligence, construction accidents, product liability issues and premises liability situations such as slip and fall accidents. Additionally, we provide our same proven litigation abilities to car, trucking, motorcycle, bus and train accident victims.

We are a unique small firm in that along with personal injury cases, we also represent victims of human rights abuses that constitute violations of international law. When you retain a knowledgeable Oak Lawn personal injury lawyer from our firm, you will have the services of a team that has successfully resolved cases in state, federal and international courts. For Oak Lawn residents, our attorneys use this valuable experience when you or a loved one have been wrongfully harmed and desire proper compensation and damages for your injuries.

What Does Winning a Personal Injury Case Depend On?

Any personal injury case will rest on our ability to demonstrate that certain elements exist. We must show that someone had a duty to act in a certain manner regarding your safety and that this person was negligent in their responsibility to keep you safe from harm. Also, we must illustrate that their negligent actions lead to your injury plus the full repercussions of the harm done to you. Those consequences can, in many cases, include future care and treatment along with the inability to earn an income and other losses to the quality of your life.

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