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Mokena Personal Injury

Insurance Companies and Personal Injury Claims

If you have read or listened to the news, it is likely that you have heard of accidents on major roadways near Mokena, such as Interstates 80 or 355. You may have also been made aware of injuries occurring on the public transportation lines that locals use. Commonly, these accidents would not have happened if it weren't for the negligent or sometimes intentional actions of just one person.

When you have been the victim of a car, trucking, train, bus or motorcycle accident or been injured through nursing home abuse, a construction accident or medical malpractice, your circumstances may require that you obtain the full compensation for economic and non-economic damages. An important question that can come to mind is, "Do I need to hire an attorney?"

You may have no doubts as to whom or what caused your accident. Getting an insurance company to agree and therefore compensate you fairly can be quite another matter. For more than 3 decades, attorneys at the Pavich Law Group P.C. have worked to assist local residents, in communities like Mokena, to obtain favorable results in personal injury cases.

Obtaining Personal Injury Verdicts and Settlements

Many times, even when you are still in pain or under medication, an insurance adjuster will come to you to "talk about your case." These individuals and the teams of attorneys that insurance companies hire are specifically trained in how to deny claims or devalue them. They get paid by insurers and their motivation is in protecting the best interests of their employers, not you. They know what sort of information can prove valuable in a personal injury situation and how to get you to make seemingly harmless statements that can harm your case.

We have produced over 75 million dollars in verdicts and settlements for people, like you, who came to us for help. Our initial advice, if you feel you have a case, is to retain an experienced Mokena personal injury attorney who has a proven track record. Our next heartfelt piece of advice is to not make statements to or sign any documents with an insurance adjuster until we have fully reviewed your case. We are a family firm that works hard to safeguard your right to seek damages for the pain and suffering you have endured.

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