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Lansing Personal Injury Attorney

Injured In a Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accident?

As a village in Cook County, Lansing is a suburb of Chicago that is about 25 miles from the Loop. This proximity to Chicago makes Lansing residents particularly susceptible to the conditions that can bring about personal injury situations. If you are reading this page, you or someone you are close to has probably been in an accident or incident that brought about an injury. You may be searching for an attorney to represent you and don't know what firm or individual to choose.

For some, medical malpractice or negligence such as the use of defective drugs, emergency room or surgical errors, failures to diagnose or misdiagnosis may have caused the harm you are now facing. Others may have been involved in a roll-over, rear end or other type of car, motorcycle, trucking or bus accident. No matter the type of injury you have suffered, there is a type of law firm that you should seek out.

As with many other professions, a Lansing personal injury lawyer can be judged by several factors. One is the experience that he or she has and the other is the final results that are produced. If you were going to have an advanced medical procedure, would you prefer the 1st year physician who had little experience in the action to be performed or the seasoned doctor who had successfully used the technique many times?

Legal Liability in a Personal Injury Case

Pavich Law Group P.C. is a family law firm that has over 97 combined years of successful legal practice. We have learned what it takes to see a claim through for maximum compensation or to win a case through litigation. We are proud to have helped our clients to recover over 75 million in damages through verdict or settlements. If another's negligence caused your injury, we want you to feel confident that we know how to seek and obtain the best outcome possible in your case.

In order to resolve a personal injury case in a favorable manner, we must be able to demonstrate who was legally liable for the harm that was done and the full repercussions of your injury. This is where our experience can be of great benefit to you and your family.

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