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Recovering Millions in Personal Injury Settlements

Frankfort is an idyllic and historic community located in the south suburbs, just 35 miles from downtown of Chicago. The rapid residential development of Frankfort has made it one of the fastest growing suburbs in the U.S. Unfortunately, with this growth has been an increase in car, truck, bus and motorcycle accidents as well as those from premises or product liability issues, construction incidents and much more.

The attorneys at Pavich Law Group P.C. have represented the families of south-suburban Chicago communities such as Frankfort for over thirty years. Together, we have over 97 years of combined legal experience and have recovered more than 75 million dollars on behalf of our clients. If you have been the victim of an accident or have been harmed through medical negligence, malpractice, nursing home abuse or another personal injury situation, we invite you to talk to a committed Frankfort personal injury lawyer from our firm. We are a family firm that carefully selects the cases we take on so that we can provide the personalized service and dedication that each injury victims deserves.

Protecting Accident Victims in Frankfort, IL

Personal injury cases are based on harm that has been caused by the negligence or intentional actions of another. Incidents such as surgical errors, elder abuse, an individual driving too fast for the conditions of the road and many others are common examples. These accidents and the injuries they cause quickly become legal matters, to be resolved by negotiations with an insurance company or through litigation in a court of law. At times, it can become easy to forget that these cases are really about an individual and his or her family. It is your physical and emotional recovery that is most important as well as ensuring that you and your family receive the full damages allowable by law.

Regrettably, being treated fairly is not always a straightforward matter. An insurance company, an employer or a responsible third party can fight hard against you being properly compensated. We are here to see that the legal barriers in your case are overcome so that you can concentrate on healing.

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