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Crete Personal Injury Attorney

Crete is a village in Will County, Illinois. As reported in the 2000 census, the population at that time stood at 7,346. Crete is located just 30 miles south of Chicago's Loop, yet has maintained its small town charm while growing to nearly 9,000 residents.

There is a great deal of traffic moving into and through the area of Crete, including commuters, public transportation, and large commercial trucks, posing a threat to all drivers that share the road, should a negligent driver be behind the wheel. Speeding, reckless driving and drunk driving put innocent people at serious risk of permanent or fatal injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in the Crete area in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or a commercial trucking accident, or other type of vehicle accident such as a bus accident or train accident, our firm stands ready to assist you.

Injured in Crete, IL?

Our firm represents the families of south-suburban Chicago communities including the community of Crete with skilled representation in serious injury claims, and has done so for over 3 decades. Our firm is made up of a skilled group of litigators that have prevailed in many difficult injury cases over our years in practice. We offer individuals and families in the Crete area a free case evaluation to assist in determining the best course of action to take after a serious injury is the result of a negligent act. All personal injury claims are based upon negligence - an action in which an individual or corporation did not exercise reasonable care for the safety of others. There are some cases in which punitive damages beyond the general damages could be pursued. There are specific factors that must be present in order to do so, and we can discuss your case and advise you about what you could expect with regard to compensation in your unique case.

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