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Injury Claims and Lawsuits in the Bourbonnais Area

Bourbonnais is a village in Kankakee County. In 2009, the population was estimated to have grown to 19,119. Bourbonnais is part of the Kankakee-Bradley Metropolitan Statistical Area, and is located approximately 57 miles south of Chicago's Loop. There are a wide range of injuries that could take place in the Bourbonnais area, including on the college campus, on the roads, streets and highways, or on public, government, commercial or private property. Each injury case is unique in circumstances and the degree of the injuries suffered by the victim. It is extremely important that a case of serious injury is managed by a legal professional with a track record of success in difficult cases.

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The Bourbonnais injury attorneys at Pavich Law Group, P.C., have represented the injured and families of injured victims in the communities in Northern Illinois, including Bourbonnais for over three decades. We are a highly committed and dedicated team of litigators and we have been recognized for our professionalism and case results. We know how to manage a case of serious injury, whether related to any type of vehicle accident such as those that result from a car accident, motorcycle accident, trucking accident, or a public or private transportation incident such as a bus accident or train accident. Our firm also serves the residents of Bourbonnais that are dealing with the repercussions of a family member injured or suffering an illness or condition from medical malpractice or defective drugs, and we advocate for elder rights in cases of nursing home abuse. Whether your case involves product liability, serious injury from construction accidents or any other case involving negligence, you want to ensure your right to fair and full compensation is protected.

Our firm is highly professional and offers the highest level of client care and service. We restrict the number of cases we take on so that each client has the opportunity to have our full attention. We know how important these cases are to the injured and to their families, as the settlement or judgment will pay for the medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. We offer a free case evaluation to assist you to find out more about us and how we operate, and our determination about how to proceed forward with your claim or lawsuit.

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