Slip & Fall Accidents in Chicago: Common Causes

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Every year, millions of people across the United States, including in Chicago, find themselves suffering from an injury due to a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents are exactly what they sound like- someone that is walking or standing in an area finds themselves tripping or slipping on a wet floor, uneven ground, defective stairs, or an object in their way, and falls to the ground. In many instances, the property owner where the injury occurred can be held responsible for the injuries that resulted from this accident. While everyone does have an obligation to watch their step and try to clear potential barriers to their safe passage, premises liability laws dictate that property owners owe visitors a standard of care to prevent these accidents.

Common Injuries of Slip & Fall Accidents

Being involved in a slip and fall injury is no laughing matter. The consequences which arise from these accidents can cause lifelong suffering.

There are many kinds of physical injuries one might receive from this kind of accident, including, but not limited to:

  • Broken or fractured bones

  • Injuries to the spinal cord and neck

  • Twisted or dislocated knees and ankles

  • Joint damage

  • Long-term head trauma and brain injuries

  • Bruising, scratches, and scrapes

  • Memory loss

  • Herniated disks

  • Shoulder dislocations

  • Wrongful death

What Caused My Slip & Fall Accident?

Pavich Law Group, P.C. have dedicated their legal services to clients in Chicago for over 70 years, so you know that we have seen numerous cases just like yours. With experience comes knowledge, and there are easy ways that slip and fall accidents can be prevented. Knowing the most common causes of these injuries can allow you to prevent the serious sprains, fractures, and more caused by these accidents.

Slip and fall accidents are most often the result of:

  • Wet surfaces, such as recently mopped floors
  • Uneven surfaces, including potholes, clutter, and torn carpeting
  • Hazardous weather condition found outdoors, like rain and ice
  • Improper training of employees by employers
  • Neglect of areas that should be better monitored
  • Footwear that is not appropriate for the circumstance

With the number of slip and fall accidents that occur every year, it would seem as though more property owners would take care to ensure that their property remained free and clear of these hazards and the area outside their business was free of ice and snow. Unfortunately, that does not happen as often as it should. That's why our Chicago personal injury lawyers are always here to help. When the duty of care that is owed to you has been breached, you can rely on the experience and dedication of our legal team. Check out what other people have said about working with us and get started yourself by calling our office now.