Recent Product Recalls

Many consumer products are recalled every year due to safety issues. These products can range from food products to electronics, appliances, tools, toys, vehicles and vehicle parts, cosmetics, household goods, and more. When the use of any consumer product leads to the injury or death of the user, the manufacturer may be held responsible for damages in what is known as a product liability case. Sometimes, consumers are harmed by using a product prior to its recall which may lead to a valid claim of negligence against the manufacturer.

Examples of recently recalled products include a Class I recall of the Nephros SafeSpout and SafeShower water filters. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled these products due to reports of infection and death in consumers who used them. According to the FDA, a Class I recall means that a situation exists "in which there is a reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to" the product may cause a serious health threat. These water filters, which are attached to faucets and shower heads, contain a filter which can break down resulting in the person being exposed to viruses and bacteria.

Another defective consumer product which led to a class action lawsuit recently was the Brazilian Blowout hair product which gave off toxic formaldehyde gas when the product was labeled as formaldehyde-free. These emissions led to adverse health conditions by hair stylists and their customers. The lawsuit was recently settled for $4.5 million to be paid out to claimants.

Chicago Personal Injury Firm

The above examples illustrate product liability which falls under the general category of personal injury. Those who make defective consumer products may be held accountable for damages when the product is shown to cause harm. These cases often involve large corporations and potential claimants should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer for representation.

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