Truck Involved In Fatal Accident Had Numerous Safety Violations

The Concord Monitor is reporting today that a commercial truck involved in a fatal truck accident on Interstate 93 was operating in violation of several safety codes. According to the story, the truck was carrying a modular home when a wheel flew off of the attached trailer and ricocheted off the top of a state police car and crossed back into northbound traffic where it struck an SUV. The driver of the SUV was killed on impact.

The subsequent investigation of the truck revealed that the truck and trailer together were in violation of six safety codes, including four that would have required that they be taken out of service altogether. Perhaps most alarming was that the truck's brakes were deemed "inadequate" for safe stopping. The investigation also revealed that trucks owned by Crawford Homes, the owner of the trailer involved in the accident, had been taken out of service by an inspector during eight of 11 random inspections in a 24 month time period.

Truck accidents on our nations roadways are all too common and often result in tragic consequences. It is imperative that truck and trailer owners maintain the vehicles in safe conditions, and ensure all compliance with applicable safety codes. When they fail to do so, accidents can, and often do, result.

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