Family Reaches $6.75M Settlement for Fatal Bus vs. Pedestrian Accident

In May of 2011, a 26-year-old woman was walking home from work when she was struck and killed while crossing at the intersection of Illinois Street and Columbus Drive. Video surveillance showed the woman, Justyna Palka, had a green light when she began crossing the street in the crosswalk. It also shows a Pontarelli Group Charter bus making a right turn into the crosswalk, where it ran over Palka and caused fatal injuries.

At the time of the accident, the bus driver claimed he had not seen Palka in the crosswalk when he made the turn. Blood and other chemical tests performed on the driver at the hospital following the accident returned positive for cocaine. Police records indicated the driver had multiple traffic violations on his record prior to being employed with the tour bus company. It was also found that the driver was wanted in multiple child-sex cases.

Following the accident, the driver was placed under arrest. He is currently behind bars where he is awaiting trial for one charge of reckless homicide and various other unrelated charges. Since that time the tour bus company had been working with Palka's family and their attorneys to come up with a settlement agreement that would help compensate her family for the devastating accident the tour bus company's driver caused. Near the end of August 2013 a $6.75 million settlement agreement was finally reached.

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