Family Killed in Severe Trucking Accident

Seven family members were killed recently when their vehicle was sandwiched between two semi trucks. The incident happened around 10:00 at night on Interstate 65 just outside of Chicago. The Jeep carrying three adults and four children, who all shared family relationships, had come to a stop behind a semi truck pulling a trailer. Traffic had slowed to a standstill but a big rig truck following behind the family in the Jeep apparently failed to see that the cars ahead had stopped. The truck plowed into the Jeep. The force of the collision drove the Jeep into the trailer of the truck in front of it. The Jeep burst into flames which totally consumed the vehicle and then spread to the trailer of the semi in front of it as well as the truck behind it.

Emergency services were able to put the flames out but all lives in the Jeep had been lost. The driver of the semi that crashed into the Jeep was taken to the hospital but no one else was injured. Authorities on the scene initially thought that only two people had died in the Jeep because it was so burned and smashed that little could be seen. The bodies of the third adult and four children, ages three to seven years old, were discovered after the wreckage was separated from the two trucks and towed to a local fire department. Police say that drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor in the horrific crash at this time but the investigation is ongoing.

Personal Injury Attorney for Accident Victims in Chicago

Trucking accidents can cause extensive damages, injuries and fatalities. The sheer size and mass of these large commercial vehicles mean that a semi truck, 18-wheeler or big rig does not need to be traveling very fast to cause catastrophic injuries to occupants in a much smaller passenger vehicle that is struck. Truckers and the trucking industry in general must adhere to very stringent safety standards for this exact reason. If a truck driver, trucking company, truck manufacturer or other party involved in the loading, maintenance and operation of a truck is careless or negligent resulting in serious injury or death then they should be responsible for all damages. Contact a Chicago injury lawyer from our dedicated team at the Pavich Law Group to find out how we may be able to help you get the legal results you deserve.