Halloween Pirate Costumes Seized Due To High Lead Levels

With the arrival of beautiful fall colors and cool crisp autumn evenings, reminders abound that we are again approaching a favorite time of year for children around the country -- Halloween. With brand new costumes, Halloween parties and the thought of trick-or-treating, this truly is an exciting time for our kids. As parents, we are all very well aware of the precautions we must take at Halloween: checking candy before consuming it; making sure the children wear bright clothing while trick-or-treating and always watching for traffic. Unfortunately, we learned this week that there is yet another potential danger we must be aware of -- hazardous costumes.

Federal agents recently seized $10,000 worth of children's pirate costumes because of concerns that the costumes contained an unsafe level of lead. In fact, investigators said that the Chinese-made costumes contained 11 times the legal limit of lead. Specifically, the Consumer Product Safety Administration explained that buttons on the costumes were 1,109 parts per million of lead. In all, 1,371 costumes were seized while en route to a Seattle area distributor. In addition to the lead hazard, investigators said that a plastic earpiece on the costume presented a possible choking hazard.

This is a very serious violation, and it is fortunate that government officials acted quickly to remove these dangerous costumes from the street well in advance of Halloween. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, one of the greatest environmentally induced illnesses for children is lead poisoning. This is especially true for children younger than 6 as they are experiencing rapid neurological and physical development.

While these costumes no longer present a hazard, many hazardous products remain on the market and all too often cause injury to unsuspecting consumers. If you or a loved one has been injured by any type of product, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. However, it is important to consult with an experienced products liability attorney to determine your rights. Please contact the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Pavich Law Group, P.C., for a initial consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

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