Energy Drink Labels Often Inaccurate

Reuters news agency recently reported that a Consumer Reports study found that the labels on popular energy drinks are often inaccurate, and frequently do not disclose exactly how much caffeine may be in a particular drink. In fact, the study reported that 11 of the 27 top-selling brands do not list the amount of caffeine in the energy drinks. Additionally, five of the brands that actually did disclose caffeine content had more caffeine per serving than was listed.

The release of the report coincides with news that the Food and Drug Administration is investigating claims that as many as five deaths may be connected with the popular Monster Energy drink. Additionally, a lawsuit has been filed against the makers of Monster Energy Drink, in which it is alleged that the drink contributed to a fatal heart attack suffered by a 14 year old girl. According to the lawsuit, the girl suffered the hear attack after drinking two of the Monster energy drinks in 24 hours. In response, the makers of Monster claim that their products are completely safe, and that they are under no legal obligation to disclose the caffeine content of their drinks.

There is growing concern that these high-caffeine level drinks are dangerous, and may be contributing to health problems across the country. As a result, it would be wise to monitor and limit the intake of these drinks, especially in a concentrated time period.

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